Have July be a Pitch Zoo targeted specifically for software developers?

I am thinking about making the July Pitch Zoo event be targeted to software developers.  The idea is that up to 6 entrepreneurs would do pitches targeted to software developers.  The entrepreneurs would have 3 minutes to pitch their business idea in a format to excite software developers.  There would not be Q&A.  But rather the entrepreneurs would grab a table and hold court with any software developers that want to talk to them about their business idea.  The purpose is to help entrepreneurs find software developers in Kalamazoo, and software developers to find a role with a startup.

If this is something that you think would be good, let me know over the next month.  If you want this to happen, then it will be my job to get both the entrepreneurs and the software developers in the room on Monday, July 1st.

If this is not something that you find would be beneficial in the Pitch Zoo format, also let me know.  There is no reason to do something that is not moving forward the startup community in Kalamazoo.