Pitch Resources

Below are PITCH GUIDELINES compiled by John Mueller for Pitch Zoo:


In addition, many resources on how to pitch your business abound on the Internet.  This page is used to keep track of some of the good resources.

The Pitching Pyramid, to indicate the different pitches you will make when talking with an audience in the same or different session:

Pitch Zoo - Pitching Pryamid

Pitch Zoo is primarily focused on the oral pitching without props. However, if you need a Pitch Deck template, here is an outline of a Pitch Deck which you can use (fill out the slides with the necessary information, and jazz it up in terms of format).

Tips for pitching a business idea:

Below are example pitches of a business idea:

These sources have been compiled from multiple sources, either directly (e.g. Josh Baer, UofLouisville, own experience, the Internet 🙂 or indirectly (e.g. via AOM’s Entrepreneurship Division’ email list — Thank you Craig Armstrong, Erik Monsen, Jane Chang, Tim Stearns, Tim Holcomb, Ivan Zupic, Sean Wise, Andreas Kuckertz)

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