Pitch Zoo is focused on helping entrepreneurs pitch their business — i.e. talk succinctly about the important parts of their business.  This is done by hosting monthly gatherings (meetups) where where individuals fast pitch their new business idea (3 minutes) to the local Kalamazoo crowd in a fun environment, and receive constructive feedback on their pitch. [ See FAQ for more details about the structure of the events and the guidelines for pitches ]

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In practicing their pitch and obtaining feedback from others in the local startup community, entrepreneurs are able to better succinctly talk about their business idea while learning to talk about the main value proposition of their business idea and to better understand the opportunity potential (i.e. to get the important aspects of the business idea across to the targeted audience).

The goal of Pitch Zoo is to help entrepreneurs better explain their business idea to their chosen target audience.   The avenue for achieving this goal is to provide entrepreneurs a fun environment to practice their pitch and to get feedback from other individuals in the local startup community ON THEIR PITCH.  This means feedback is focused on how the individual talked (loud, soft, clearly, etc.) and did the pitch have the main components to help the targeted audience understand the business idea and possibly get excited about the idea.

Pitch Zoo is NOT about critiquing and improving the business idea, nor is that the main focus of Pitch Zoo.  However, sometimes more information needs to be obtained about the business idea than what was presented in the pitch to be able to give feedback.  Thus the audience will ask questions about the business accordingly.  In addition, if a pitcher wants the audience to provide feedback on the pitch AND the business idea, then the pitcher needs to inform the audience accordingly before starting his/her pitch.  The pitcher should not just be trying to obtain feedback about his/her business idea as the main reason for Pitch Zoo is to work on the content and delivery of one’s pitch.


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