Welcome to Pitch Zoo

Welcome to Pitch Zoo. A community based initiative whose goal is to help entrepreneurs talk about their business succinctly. Pitch Zoo started as a monthly meetup in Kalamazoo. The purpose of the meetup was to provide entrepreneurs an audience to practice their pitch and gain constructive feedback. The meetups were well attend and had some great success in Kalamazoo.

We, at Pitch Zoo, believe that entrepreneurs around the world would benefit from similar meetups.  In this site you will find resources you can use to improve your pitch, a blog chock-full of advice and articles on improving your pitch, and the most current listing of Pitch Zoo meetups around the globe.

If there isn't a meetup in your community, we would like to help set one up. There's a guide to help you start your own Pitch Zoo meetup in your community. We know that Pitch Zoo will help grow your startup community. Also, don't forget to contact us, we are here to help!