A small change: include the type of feedback wanted

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There will be a change going forward with Pitch Zoo.  The change deals with the feedback from the audience.

Pitch Zoo was designed to get feedback on the content and the delivery of the pitch.  However, in the first two Pitch Zoos I have seen it be difficult to separate the feedback on the pitch (the content and the delivery) and the business idea.

Getting feedback on the pitch and the business idea could be beneficial for the pitcher.  Therefore, before a pitcher starts their pitch, it would be good for each pitcher to be clear before they start if they want feedback on just the pitch (content and delivery) or the pitch and the business idea.

That means the pitcher should state the following before he/she starts their pitch:

  1. The target audience of the pitch
  2. Type of feedback they want (on the pitch or the pitch and the business idea)